Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone + Geolocation + P2P

Since Apple's announced new embeddable Google Maps for the iPhone, not to mention the new P2P support, perhaps it's not too much to ask to get a cool new proximity-based alerting system?

Such a system could be used for geocaching or even friend-finding (the real kind of friend-finding where you already know the person...)

TENET has new transit providers

The TENET traffic graphs show NTT as a new provider:

And a 10G interface, to boot! This is likely in preparation for the arrival of SEACOM, as TENET's international bandwidth is the current bottleneck.

Traffic on Datahop has been halved, and traffic on Telias is at a quarter to a third of normal rates. So they are either being phased out or being used as backup providers.