Friday, September 07, 2007

Google Reader finally gets search

Considering Google's mission statement, it's taken way to long for search to make it into Google Reader.

But it is great news, because now I can search with a little more direction when I remember that I read something about it waaaay back.

Updated: And the maximum count of unread items has been raised to 1000, this filters up to the top level too, so you can see exactly how much you have to catch up on.

Wheels within wheels

A Second Life art-installation / mash-up by a fabjectory (fabbed+object+factory) that uses rapid prototyping machines to create real life objects from the avatars and sculptures that people make in SecondLife, using a Second Life copy of a real life mash-up of a Science Fiction story about people using fabjectorys to make their real life better.

[I forgot to mention that this is today's tongue twister]

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Considering Kenya's past involvement with the FBI, it seems a bit strange to name their new national backbone NO FBI! And the three main contractors are all Chinese!

[Insert more scare tactics here...]

Monday, September 03, 2007

AMS-IX breaks 300 Gbps

AMS-IX finally breaks the 300 Gbps mark.

And they'd been stuck on 287 Gbps for so long I thought there was an infrastructure-related limit.

Considering they announced reaching 250 Gbps in February, this implies a compound growth rate of about 3.5%-4% per month.

[And from a presentation POV, interesting to note that the new baseline is not 0, but 100 Gbps! This is more than any exchange not in the top 5!)

Oh, shoot!

Walking home on Friday, I nearly got hit in the noggin by flying dog poop!

The man in 27 Grotto Road stuck his head up and uttered a strangled "...sorry...". Yes, he stuck his head up after he threw his dog's by-product willy-nilly into the road. Hear this road-cleaners and councilmen! [not to mention those who drive convertible cars]