Monday, December 22, 2008

AMS-IX breaks 600 Gbps

The previous post about AMS-IX embedded the traffic graph instead of displaying a snapshot. At least I noticed that AMS-IX now pushes over 600 Gbps [peak] of traffic through the exchange!

But what's this? Number 2 exchange DE-CIX claims a 650+ Gbps peak:

Does that mean the Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange is now #1?
Comparison of the mean throughputs (AMS-IX: 375 Gbps, DE-CIX: 299 Gbps), daily peaks (AMS-IX: 560 Gbps, DE-CIX: 460 Gbps), and number of interconnected members (AMS-IX: 311, DE-CIX: 264) shows AMS-IX still firmly in the lead. But DE-CIX is forging ahead - AMS-IX's lead doesn't seem as clear as it once was.