Wednesday, May 24, 2006

M2Z's nationwide 'free' wireless proposal

(from the latest DSL Prime, as usual)

M2Z recently filed a proposal (copy hosted at DSL Prime) with the FCC to provide 'free' (ad-supported) wireless broadband (384 kbps down, 128 kbps up) across the USA. They plan to provide up to 95% coverage as part of the licence condition - so truly a universal product.

M2Z is Milo Medin - who built the @Home cable network, and John Muleta - who was FCC Wireless Bureau Chief. Three rather large VC firms are providing financial muscle and also have reps on the board.

They also claim that this will spur broadband competition, especially as they will sell higher-speed connections on the same network and give 5% of gross profit to US Treasury, also as part of the licence condition.

Also: mandatory (obscenity) filtering for the free/low-speed offering, and free user attachment for public safety agencies (although the filing slips up and mentions law-enforcement agencies directly), with an advanced wireless mesh for their use.