Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bonds with beards

I caught a trailer for Golden Compass the other night, as well as the shocking image of Daniel Craig mit Bart.

I was struck by his similarity to...well, to something that I couldn't quite remember. It took me an hour or so to remember that Timothy Dalton also put on a beard and a waistcoat for a movie, and it took me but a few seconds to whip out the phone and check imdb for a few possibles and yes, here it is: American Outlaws.

And just a few more seconds this morning to find a pic of Dalton - playing detective Allan Pinkerton - with a facewarmer:


And of course, this post wouldn't be complete without realizing that many other Bond actors have had movies roles with beards:

Roger Moore (possibly as Dobbs in The Quest)

Pierce Brosnan (as/in Robinson Crusoe)

and of course no list would be complete without Connery as...well, as Sean Connery:

PS For the completists - I couldn't find a picture of a bearded George Lazenby. If you send one in, I'll update this.