Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monderman's ideas implemented

Wired wrote about Hans Monderman's traffic engineering a while back in their 12.12 issue.

And now it turns out that Bohmte in western Germany is the second town after Drachten to implement his Shared Space design [Reuters].

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Signs of the times


[culled from this Digg thread, and check out Ned Flanders St]

Brilliant comments

Ace reader comments on this ITWeb article: Cable require local ownership
The ownership of the international cable company cannot be dictated by the South African government as the cable lies in international waters. It is curious that the government does not think that Intelsat should be owned by South Africans as it provides international satellite capacity to South African broadcasters and telecoms companies.
If every country where a cable lands demands local majority ownership, there will be no cables.

Take that! Slash, parry...

South African Landing Rites

From a recent allAfrica article:
South Africa's decision to nationalise its landing rites is also expected to affect the East Africa Submarine cable (EASSy).
No wonder SEACOM and EASSy are so confused. What strange magick is the government practising in order to confuse the ICT sector?

I predict we will soon have to rename all accounts with UID==0 as beetroot.

[available at as of 11-09-07]


Some people really do lust after vehicles (especially the photog in the white shirt playing with his...lens).

But if they're driving one of these new Lamborghinis, at least they won't be guilty of sloth. Although, come to think of it, they'd probably inspire a lot of envy. And they'd probably be guilty of avarice in order to amass the needed $1,600,000. Yes, really that much.