Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The final marks have been released for each subject; I have good, better, and best news:

The Good News - Maths
A first class pass, barely, with 76%.
Considering my year-mark was 72%, this is an excellent result. I think that the [optional] 80/20 exam/yearmark split worked in my favour :)

The Better News - Computer Science
Another first class pass, but much more convincingly this time: 91%.
That was good enough for me to be in joint 1st place with two others in my class (congratulations Mallin and Johan!)

The Best News - Electrical Engineering
Yet another first class pass, but I think those bonus marks available in the exam paper must all have stacked up, because I ended up with 100%!
Amusingly, many others in the class must have done nearly as well or better, since there were about 10 people with a 100% mark. Must...do...better...next...year...

Hopefully next year will be more of the same :)