Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cavendish Fire Trouble

Since the road between Cavendish Square and The Link (soon to be a.k.a. Cavendish Connect) is by now a de facto construction zone, there has been some protection for those customers daring to use the entrance closest to Vineyard Rd - a series of containers joining the entrances of the two above-mentioned buildings with a hole in the middle to allow ingress/egress.

However, in the last few days, the containers have been moved around, so the passage leads directly along the side of Cavendish Square. And, thoughtfully (or more likely kicking-and-screaming), another hole has been cut in the side of the container so that anyone using the Fire Exit would not be blocked by the placement of the container, and would actually be able to escape. However, there is one small factor that has been overlooked - the floor level of the container is high enough to preclude the Fire Exit doors from opening properly.