Monday, December 04, 2006

100 Gbps

Yes, you read that right.

Santa Cruz researchers have demonstrated a 100 Gbps stream running reverse-multiplexed over 10× 10 Gbps channels from Tampa to Houston. A special packet-multiplexing scheme from UCSC allowed retention of packet ordering, even as flows are multiplexed across channels.

A number of groups were involved:

Finisaroptical transceivers
Infinera [PR]DWDM & project management
Internet 2 [alt]methodology & support
Level 3transmission paths
UCSCMAC & packet re-sequencing

Note that this was not a 100 Gbps transmission interface; but consider that local interfaces faster than 10 Gbps (e.g. STM-256 / STS-768 at 40 Gbps) do exist and traffic could conceivably be generated at this rate for transmission over long distance. The LHC leads the way!