Thursday, March 06, 2008

GEN3 failure

And so soon after the start of the service?

Hmmm, what does the SLA say about this? 99% uptime implies 1% downtime.

365 days x 24 hours x 1% = 87.60 hours down per year.

So they have loads of downtime left - bah humbug.

A quick estimation from the ML Sultan campus of DUT:

The interruption starts around 19h30 on the 5th of March, and lasts until about 09h30 on the 6th of March. That's 14 hours total. Ouch.

So we can look forward to another 73.6 hours of downtime. That's another 3 days left!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

GEN3 draft SLA

GEN3's draft SLA is available (and claims to have been posted on 27th February).
Interesting to see specific figures. I'm intrigued to see that 260 ms RTT 'average'.
5. Availability

The Providers commit to the following levels of service element availability:

Services provided by Neotel:99%

Services provided by Internet Solutions:

International services: 99.8%
National services: 99.95%

6. Response times (“RTT”)

The Providers commit to the following network RTT averages:

Services provided by Neotel: 150 ms

Services provided by Internet Solutions:

International services: 260 ms

National services: 35 ms (services provided out of Rosebank)

50 ms (services provided out of Cape Town)

7. Packet loss

The providers commit to confining packet loss to the following levels:

Services provided by Neotel: 1%

Services provided by Internet Solutions:

International services: 1.5%
National services: 2%

Sunday, March 02, 2008

GEN2 to GEN3

Is UCT currently operating on both GEN2 and GEN3?

Compare GEN2 stats vs GEN3 stats:

The big view seems to indicate traffic starting sometime in Week 07, about Tuesday:

The uncommissioned orders page shows UCT's link to become active on 1st March, 2008. So maybe it's all testing traffic.

It's interesting to see the TENET-JINX graphs too:
Note that we're not seeing massive usage through JINX. This basically boils down to two costs as limiting factors:
1) The equivalent-line-charge
2) The ISPA category charge (small, medium, large)

Now TENET is an honorary ISPA member, so presumably doesn't have to pay the small [by comparison] R6100 pm. But there's an incredible step function in the Equivalent Line Charge going from R0 per month to R22k per month as you transgress 2 Mbps. So can we assume private peering in/near the JINX facility?