Friday, September 19, 2008

Amazon's new CDN

Amazon's new CDN is cheered on by their CTO Werner Vogels. The primary take-away from the post:
Using a global network of edge locations this new service can deliver popular data stored in Amazon S3 to customers around the globe through local access.
Now, Amazon is only currently peering visibly with 4 other networks: Qwest, NTT, Tiscali, and Level3, which all seem to be transit providers.

Now I guess their edge routers don't absolutely need to sit in peered networks, but I'm sure it'll make the host networks happier [otherwise those host networks will be bearing the cost of reverse-proxying the traffic through their own transit connections].

The PeeringDB page for Amazon isn't that much more helpful - no public switching presence noted, but there is some promise shown in the following locations:
Another development to watch closely. Amazon: where is your non-USA PoP presence? LINX and AMS-IX beckon...