Friday, October 26, 2007

Some basic stats on Net Theory's popularity

Using Google's Webmaster Tools, I've discovered some interesting information on how the Net Theory blog is ranking on various [semi-]strange search queries:

ranksearch term
#3nets wikipedia
#4emotional cruelty
#6cell c number / cell c number portability
Roll on the crushing of the competition!

It's interesting to compare these results with the Daily Fail vs dailyfail issues experienced recently.

Dailyfail vs Daily Fail

It's interesting to compare the search results for The Daily Fail using two different search phrases:
dailyfail, which currently yields 2nd place.
daily fail, in which The Daily Fail blog doesn't rank at all!

Obviously the breaking space is significant. I've updated some content with both versions and we'll see how it plays.

Smart parking

An intriguing article in IEEE Spectrum's October 2007 edition, entitled "Smart Parking Systems Make It Easier to Find a Parking Space" talks about various high-tech approaches to parking issues in the USA.

The details on the parking indicators at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport are interesting to compare with Cape Town International's more coarsely-grained approach. I think that ACSA probably didn't:
  • think of it

  • want to spend $450 per bay
The details on the Fredericksburg, VA parking enforcement is quite intriguing, both for the security implications of the previous method (chalk marks!) and for the quaint, small-town feel (the first ticket is a warning, along with a map with locations of all six free parking lots and the one paid parking garage). Super LPR here we come!