Thursday, December 14, 2006

Apple damaged by leak

(original at The Inquirer)

This is just too classic. Reprinted in entirety.
Apple HQ damaged by leak

Streaming too much

By Nick Farrell: Thursday 14 December 2006, 07:29

THE HIGHLY secretive maker of computer gear for the elderly is famous for gagging newspapers who publish news of leaks. However, it looks like this one revealed by CBS yesterday proved a little tricky to contain.

More than 100 gallons of water per minute flooded into Apple's Cappuccino HQ yesterday morning from a burst pipe which was under the building.

Apparently there was more than a foot of water lining the floor of the building when the California Water Service managed to cut off the water.

Of course as any Apple fans boys will tell you, this will not stop the operations of their favourite computer hardware outfit. Steve Jobs walks on water - heck, everyone knows that.

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The Boys From Brazil

(not this)

A Brazilian businessman traveling in Germany was sent a text-message alert by his automated home security system.

So he checked the live feed via the Internet. And called the cops to arrest the robber.

1 Million Kilometers Per Hour!

(from APOD)

A large solar flare from an Earth-sized sunspot produced a tsunami-type shock wave. The rampaging tsunami took out some active filaments on the Sun, although many re-established themselves later. The solar tsunami spread at nearly one million kilometers per hour, and circled the entire Sun in a matter of minutes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Juvenile Offenders In Solitaire-y Confinement

(thanks Cape Times and IOL)

The Southern African Media and Gender Institute (SAMGI) has arranged for a donation of 15 computers (from the Dell Foundation) and a printer (from Xerox) to be given to Hawequa Youth Correctional Facility in Wellington on Tues Dec 5th.

The computer trainers believe that this training will boost their self-esteem and open doors to better jobs after prison.

The picture (fully visible in the Cape Times of Wed Dec 6th) shows one prisoner being supervised and working on some menu-ridden official-looking program. The other three prisoners are playing games - two of which are Solitaire (at separate computers, natch). Work skills, indeed!

[Emotional] cruelty to animals

(from Daily Mail via haha)

Meet Thumbelina - the world's smallest horse.

Standing just 17 inches tall, she is never going to be a champion show-jumper.
In fact, the tiny mare is so small she would struggle to leap over a bucket.
But such things are of little concern for feisty Thumbelina who has just been officially recognised as the world's smallest horse.