Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The USA has a policy of separation of powers, to act as a set of checks and balances against usurpation of power and dominance by any one branch.

Except that sometimes the Executive and Legislative branches get a little intertwined...
"To my knowledge, there are only three current Members of Congress who work with the CIA"

South African nukes redux

(this from Green Clippings)
(cf. prior post South Africa leads the way)

The pendulum starts the long swing back...
[Professor] Christie warned of possible future wars in Africa, and suggested that that South Africa needed to quickly be able to revert to a nuclear weapons state if it became vital to the country's interests.
and, interestingly
The professor noted that South Africa still retained a stockpile of weapons grade highly enriched uranium derived from the country's former nuclear weapons programme. He also reminded everyone that technical knowledge of South Africa's former atomic bombs was still contained on CD's held by the current government.
Vaalputs [possibly] I could understand, but CDs? Heh.