Thursday, March 13, 2008


With all of the negative feeling towards TENET and GEN3 because of the recent outages, I thought it might be quite amusing to show the reverse:

CPUT's main Bellville campus is obviously in need of more, More, MORE! bandwidth. Roll on, SANREN.

Monday, March 10, 2008

150 GB DSL caps?

From the latest DSL Prime:
My follow-up article will be unreliable sources, which I'm factchecking more carefully. For now, a few types to distrust:
  • The FCC or anyone else who takes seriously a 200K definition of broadband.
  • Anyone who defends a bandwidth cap below about 150 gigabytes per month, except where bandwidth costs are unusually high or the service selling for under about $20. (India, South Africa, possibly the U.K.). Ask mo [sic] for the numbers if you don't get it.
I guess for South Africa, he's specifically talking about high bandwidth costs, 'cos I don't know of any ISPs selling DSL for $20/R160 here.