Friday, November 02, 2007

More details on SGI's new graphics push

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More from insideHPC on the SGI refocus on graphics:

Well, I know a little birdy who’s at IEEE Vis this week. He ran into the SGI engineer in charge of developing their next generation graphics platform. This is what the birdy told me in an email today

I asked him about their CEO’s comments about getting back into the visual supercomputing business. He said that they were developing a new visual supercomputer based on the x86 architecture (no surprise there) using Intel’s Larabee project. The likely target date for us to see this computer is 2009, which corresponds to when Larabee is due. Until then they plan to use ATI/NVidia graphics cards. He says that the CEO believes they can retake the high-end graphics market.

Interesting that SGI is using x86 for this and not Itanium, even with Intel's massively upgraded Itanicapabilities...

AMS-IX tops 350 Gbps

AMS-IX just keeps carrying more and more traffic. Their latest figures top 350 Gbps:

Take note Teraco / JINX!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Municipality infrastructure

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If your municipality isn’t looking at creative ways to develop new strategies that include having a state-of-the-art network infrastructure to support economic growth and development, they will be stagnating your property value and quality of life in your area . . . Simply put, the three most important words in real estate ('location, location, location') have turned into 'location, location, connectivity.